Slide Jam in Bogota with LGC Colombia

By September 25, 2011 No Comments

The third edition of the Slide Jam took place, last Saturday (September 17th), in Bogota – Colombia. Longboard Girls Crew Colombia was more than happy to attend to this event and support the 7 girls from our crew that signed up for the competition.

The day was perfect, specially after a rainy week! The category was open for girls only – boys had their own category- with no age discrimination. The circuit had a free space of around 20 meters to do the slides you wanted, followed by a half-fly box ramp and a set of  3 cones for doing slalom and another 3 cones for carving. Finally, there was a launch ramp that was optional for girls.

The competition started and the 3 referees of the jury picked up 3 girls for the final run. These girls showed their best tricks, some even tried to nail both of the ramps. At the end, Sandra Kabas won the competition, having 2 boards as prize, a comet FSM and WEPA board (national brand). The second and third place winners received wheels and clothing.



Here you have some videos of the competition. Enjoy and keep practicing!

Lina Carrascal  

Pictures by Mauricio Barros