The Jeeves to Your Questions

Mia Legg - Longboard Girls CrewI taught myself to longboard at the crack of each dawn in the mean streets of New York City, summer 2010. Those early suns brought me shelter from the taxi drivers who will happily squash your longboard and from bystanders who will cackle as you try something new. My fears were eminent. However, all fears are conquered with understanding.

Choosers of the skating life: you must accept the fact that you will fall, just as any seeker of the Deathly Hallows must welcome death with open arms. Although my romance with surfing started my longboarding obssesion, I am now tied to it because of my relationship with fear.

I’ve already had an  epic collision in Central Park  and  a longboard run over  and broken by a taxi.                                                                        I  confront fear every time I grab my longboard, but I defeat it every time I walk out the door.   The non-materialistic jewel I seek is worth the fight.

Longboarding is not just a sport. It is expression, religion, relief, and transportation. It is activity: Morph straight lines into waves.                Find  yourself in a solo ride. Create the night, with friends.

I longboard because only a longboarder knows what it feels like. I am thankful for that feeling and for the fact that it has brought me here, writing to you.

My name is Mia and I am the new Jeeves to your questions. I am your real life, breathing and pooping, beginner longboarding guide. I will tell you what a deck is and a pendy slide. I will learn a pendy slide and we shall learn together, because we are skater friends…

…And this is our crew.



Mia Legg