Longboard Flea Market – LGC Colombia

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 The date was set for July 30th, the time arranged to be from 11 am to 5 pm. Everyone  was ready, decks were cleaned as well as other stuff our riders wanted to sell. But  something we didn’t predict happened: It rained! But not a normal rain storm, it was  more like raining cats and dogs!

The day started off with a dark sky, we expected it to change because that is how the  weather is in Bogota, but instead of having a sunny day, according to the news we had  the worst storm in aorund 3 years. But this didn’t change our minds we just made a  Plan B for our activity, we used cars and tents to put our things.

Some bought new boards, other used ones; others bought protection; food was also sold in our market. Some decided to ride with the rain and had a blast. The good thing is that no one got hurt even though it was pouring and it was hard to see the path.          In general, it was a great activity and most of the girls in our crew were there with food and accesories to sell.

Next week we are traveling to Cali, around 10 hours by bus from Bogota.

There we will have a longboard competition at “El Rey del Piston”. We are expecting at least 7 girls to compete in the downhill section and many others for the silde jam.




Lina Carrascal

 Pictures by Mauricio Barros