Cindy Zhou’s LB summer trip

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This August, I took a trip to California for 10 days to visit my sister and dad. California is arguably one of the greatest places on earth to skate. There are hills everywhere, the roads are smooth, and the weather is almost always perfect! Still, even with all these great features in California, there was something missing during my trip, or should I say, someone missing. Longboarding in California became an extremely lonely and less enjoyable activity over these 10 days. There was no one to crack jokes with, critique my technique, celebrate my successes, spot corners, push my limits, or simply enjoy longboarding with. I had been spoiled back in Toronto with a plethora of people, young and old, to skate and connect with.


When I finally did return to Toronto, I was so eager to skate with others that I decided to road trip with my crew called the “Skate Invaders” the first weekend possible. As luck would have it, a local named Eric Jensen was hosting a race in a nearby city called Georgetown. With my trusty camera in hand and a bunch of great people around me helping out with filming, I managed to capture enough footage to put together a documentary style video of the day. I hoped to show that longboarding wasn’t just about being able to do the biggest tricks possible, but also about the community which surrounded it and that gave longboarding the culture it had.


In the end, my greatest piece of advice would be to find people you love to skate with. For me, life is about relationships, connecting with other people whether it’s through sports, arts, computers, or in this case, longboarding. That’s why Longboard Girls Crew is alive and well, isn’t it? 🙂

-Cindy Zhou

Road Trip Video

Video in California