ROXY Longday festival

Last Saturday (july 23th) I had the pleasure to spend an incredible day with Katiana Torrebella, María Azcoitía and Cristina Padovano in Razo, Galicia. We went to the Roxy Longday Festival, a longboard and surf competition organized by Roxy and the Raz Surf Camp. This was an unusual competition: there were no rules, no referees. Each longboarder that took part of the competition chose the best move, the smoothest style, the coolest attitude, etc

Boys were the first to hit the road and showed their talent on the longskate, and, of course girls, put the final touch to the day.

With really cool background music and lots of fun we went rolling down the hill and each competitor showed his/her tricks, skids, cross steppings, carvings, dancings…and all of those with acrobatic movements included!. It was an awesome show that set very high standards, specially the girls that gave a real proof of what they are capable of.

The awards were given at the end of the evening: cool Roxy gifts for the winners. After this amazing day the celebration and the party were insured, so we went to the “Sereas e Piratas” Fest..as you can imagine it was a blast! …

Thanks a lot for the wonderful day =)

…Because we are longboarders and we deserve it!!



Sonso Masiá Sánchez