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Longboard Girls Crew Road Trip Documentary 2011



It’s only been a year since Longboard Girls Crew was born and we are approaching the impressive number of 50K fans on Facebook. Our last video with Juan Rayos “Carvin

g the Mountains” has surpassed the million and half views, and the worldwide support we receive everyday it’s just amazing.

We are proud and thankful that something that we started spontaneously with the aim of bringing girls who longboard together is becoming so big and reaching faraway places we would have never even dreamed of. The ongoing support tha

t we receive from you is what cheers us on to keep up with bigger projects.
That’s how the idea of this documentary of a road trip came up. It’s been a few months now since we first started talking with Juan Rayos about the idea of making something different, something special. A project where female riders who have met virtually through LGC would finally meet and do what they love to do the most: longboard. At the end of the day this is what’s all about, girls who get together with the solely purpose of riding and having fun.
On this occasion it will be us, the crew founders (Jacky, Valeria and Charlie) who will meet another 4 riders: 2 extraordinary Spanish riders (Maitane and Gador) and 2 American riders (Amanda from the US and Marisa from Peru). We HAVE to mention another great rider who was originally part of the trip but finally, won’t be able to join us: Cristina. Cris had an accident on the Tuixent freeride and will have to rest and recover for a while before riding again….We wish her a speedy recovery!The founders of LGC live in Spain and that’s the main reason the road trip is going to be here. Not only is the country extraordinarily

beautiful, but full of great spots that we are proud to show. Who knows, maybe in the future it will be somewhere else and other girls will be the hostesses… just the thought of it gives us goosebumps!
Oh well, one dream is coming true: we are hitting the road with these amazing 4 ladies in the search for new longboard spots, amazing landscapes, new people, nice local food, some party, surf, turquoise beaches and whatever fate has in store for us. Juan’s camera will be there to witness and immortalize the essence of this experience, for bringing it back later the best way he knows.
We want to thank Sector 9, Red Bull & Roxy for helping us out making this trip documentary a reality. Since the moment we presented the project, they were stoked and really supportive. Their help has been essential for this huge project to be brought about. We would also like to thank all our collaborators for this “adventure”: Nixon, Vans, Rayne, Loaded, Randal & In-gravity store. And of course, we want to thank you all for the support you are giving us buying the road trip t-shirts. Your help is far more important than what you may think. Thank YOU! And thank you all who are there on the social networks following us and cheering us on, specially our international crews, the girls who are grabbing the board for the first time and those who are getting together on a regular basis… you are our inspiration!
Well, it’s only about a few days left to go on this road trip through Spain: the luggage is almost packed (sort of, we are 7 girls!), the bearings are smooth to ride and we’re crazy with excitement.

LGC road trip documentary starts now, stay tuned!!!