James Kelly & Louis Pilloni’s Clinic in DR


James Kelly & Louis Pilloni’s Clinic in DR

In the little island of Dominican Republic Pam Diaz and the longboard crew are always cooking something up for the surprise of everybody else. After Marisa Nuñez visit to the Jacagua Extreme Downhill fest which was by the way a huge success, LGC and the Longboard Academy are hosting the first Longboard Clinic in the Island. But are you well sited? James Kelly & Louis Pilloni are the ones giving the classes.
Are you wondering when? The Clinic will take place next October 1st and if you want to sign up it’s so easy as sending an email to, there is limited capacity so what are you waiting for???

Confirmed Sponsors : Sector 9, Billabong, Longboard Girls Crew República Dominicana y Longboard Academy

Here a vid of the Jacagua Extreme Downhill filmed by Christopher Ricardo Blandino showing how much fun these guys had those days.