Longboard Girls Crew on riding safely

Longboard Girls Crew has grown in an incredible way. It has taken us all by surprise to have so many followers tracking our steps from Facebook, Twitter and our blog.
Managing such a huge community requires a great deal of work and responsibilities.
Something that was born from such a spontaneous idea has become a big responsibility for us. We have seen some comments related to the use of helmets in our pictures and videos and for this reason we write this post.

It is important to clarify that our goal with Longboard Girls Crew is to promote longboarding while highlighting equality between men and women. Many girls have found themselves very lonely, and even excluded for practicing a risky sport, generally considered to be only for men. Our intention is simply to offer a platform so women all over the world can come together and realize that they are not alone; that women also ride, fall and enjoy longboarding.

The use of a helmet is extremely important and LGC will always support it. Wether you’re doing downhill or going out for bread you must always carry your helmet. Like they say: “first buy the helmet and then, if you still have money left, buy the board” You may think that the helmet is something unnecessary, up until the day you fall and not have it on.. then you’re screwed!

This said, being honest and self-critical, it is true that most of us don’t wear protection in the majority of our videos. The importance of wearing protection when riding your board is something we have learned over time, after many scars. We assure you that you will see us well protected in future videos.

We hope one day everybody understands the importance of wearing protection when riding, but returning to the subject at hand, LGC cannot censor pictures or videos in which riders are not protected. As we stated earlier, LGC´s goal is to promote equality between men and women within this sport and can´t be responsible for every rider´s actions, or lack thereof.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this matter, please feel free to write us and collaborate. In the end, Longboard Girls Crew belongs to all of us!