• LGC France’s Lyde Begue – Petit Berthiand

    Longboard Girls Crew France rider Lyde Begue’s newest edit. We love this lady shredder!

    Petit Berthiand from LittleLyde on Vimeo.

    lyde begue, longboard girls crew, skate like a girl, girls who shred, girls who skate, longboarding, skate, downhill, fast, cool, rad, france, strong women, rad women




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  • Mt. Ruapehu Gravity Festival Event Report!

    Maga mcwhinnie, longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    Maga and Elissa railing through the rocky right. Photo by Andrew Scribbler.

    Cozy in the middle of the north island of New Zealand is the wonderful Mt. Ruapehu; one of the destinations on this year’s IDF race schedule. Holding close to the beautiful scenery of the island and the enchantment of a fast and smooth open road, Mt. Ruapehu Gravity Festival enlightened the downhill scene as an event not to miss. And of course, the inner nerd in us all wanted and frothed at the opportunity to shred down one of the mountains of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings. With the freeride already being an annual event, the local scene was ready and buzzing; though this year would include Mt. Ruapehu’s first ever sanctioned race. With news of the IDF getting involved, the competitive fire in everyone ignited. Not only would everyone get to enjoy and skate the mountain with friends, but also get to rage down and compete for top dog of the volcano.

    Drawing close to the road on the venture down from Auckland, the mountain welcomed us with dense fog and freezing temperatures.

    Normal scenery at this event. Fog, cold, and rain.

    Early morning of the freeride day rolled in with similar weather conditions. For the first time in months, the mountain hailed some questionable conditions to host a skateboard race, but nonetheless, the event would go on!
    Everyone gathered for registration, gear in hand in the early morning cold and fog. Hiding from the weather inside the welcoming café, most racers crowded over hot cocoa, coffee, and breakfast to warm their souls. The organizers ushered in the event with a warm pep talk.

    Many brave souls approached the start line in anticipation of the first run. The freeride rolled through with many strong skaters battling the elements, taking runs and enjoying their time on the mountain. The local New Zealand ladies all proved their strength, as no adverse weather conditions would stop them from skating. Wellington local, Grace Wong, Auckland local, Lee Ling, and South Island visitor, Elissa Mah all spent the whole day taking as many runs as they could. The conditions only worsened as the day rolled on. The rain overcame the mountain with more ferocity to the point where runs ceased and the event stopped for the day. A few hours after the day’s activities, the sun finally showed up, livening up the weather. Many skaters took this as the opportunity to gather in some dry bonus runs before the sunset. Making sure to use this one chance, everyone took it easy, staying within their lane and enjoying the, now open road all the way to the bottom. Once the sun set, everyone dwindled back to their cabins and hotels to sleep.

    Grace wong, longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    Grace wong tucking through the fog. Photo by Antony Leggett.

    The next day rolled in with solace as the weather seemed even worse than the day prior. The temperature set in colder, the rain poured down harder, and the fog continued to embrace the mountain in a thick cloud. Being the first day of the race, and the day devoted to practice runs and time trials, skaters decided to adorn their leathers and embrace the mountain with ferocity. Everyone took all the runs they could during the inclement weather, hoping for the sun to eventually make an appearance. Rain roared into hail and the fog thickened, but the sun finally came out to let in a couple dry runs before the days end. Hope of a dry race day filled everyone until, late into the night, the rain and hail thundered down the hardest of the whole weekend.

    The morning of race day approached the mountain with no sign of sun. The weather roared down offering interesting conditions for the racing to come. A solid continuation of rain, fog, and cold echoed in the air reminding everyone of the previous days. Hustle and bustle was on everyone’s agenda to get things going before the weather could worsen.

    Open final run by Janne Lehtinen.

    The day started with a couple of practice runs to warm up. Open heats immediately followed and rolled through to lunch. The sun teased us through the clouds, only to finally make a guest appearance. Thanks to convincing words and all the skaters secret desires, the organizers decided a long lunch could be taken to allow the road to dry up before final racing. Juniors charged off the line in their final as the opens dwindled down to quarters and semis. The ladies raged down for a couple fun runs before the final race heat. Alongside the open semi’s, the ladies roared down for their final, offering gnarly racing to all the spectators. The open final soon followed with intensity, as the racing was super close. What a pleasure it was to race the road in the dry sunshine to finish off the event. And what a gnarly final to witness. The guys all railed each corner with intensity, crossing the finish line neck to neck.

    longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    The ladies raging off the start line

    longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    Rachel Bagels flying through a dry chicane at sunset

    1st- Connor Ferguson
    2nd- Byron Essert
    3rd- Tony Graves
    4th- James Kelly

    1st- Rachel Bagels Bruskoff
    2nd- Elissa Mah
    3rd- Maga McWhinnie
    4th- Lee Ling
    5th- Grace Wong

    1st- Tyron Knight
    2nd- Jack Tumai
    3rd- Jayden Howarth

    longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    Open Podium

    longboard girls crew, longboarding, downhill, fast, rad, strong women, skate, new zealand, women power, girl power, skate like a girl

    Women’s Podium

    Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a wonderfulexperience!

    Rachel ‘Bagels’ Bruskoff

    rachel bagels











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  • Micaela Wilson – Wicked Wilson

    Longboard Girls Crew USA & OPEN rider Micaela Wilson showing everyone how it’s done. Killer!

    micaela wilson, longboard girls crew, strong women, women supporting women, freeride, rad, cool, fast, slide, girl, skate, longboarding, summer

    Jinete Secreto photo



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  • Spanish rider Palaxa Golden by Noelia Otegui!

    Spanish rider Palaxa Golden join forces with our rider, filmmaker, photographer and contributor Noelia Otegui to shoot this rad video. Killing it ladies!

    Palaxa Golden from Noelia Otegui on Vimeo.

    choro longboarding, palaxa golden, longboard girls crew, skate, fast, downhill, riviera,

    Choro Longboarding photo

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  • Last day of the ‘One Dollar Item’ Longboard Project!

    The One Dollar Item project is a non-profit initiative developed by The Digital Invaders Interactive School and supported by Patrick Switzer, Rayne Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Triple 8 Helmets, Holsom Pucks and Edge Longboard store with a clear mission: help the young athletes of the rural community of Mesa de las Tablas to compete in the “Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015”.

    mexico one dollar item 2, longboard, longboarding, skate, mexico

    With a meager population of 174, the community of Mesa de las Tablas has one of the best longboarding spots in Northern Mexico. The local crew of troublemakers Toro, Tito, Gerardo and Uriel have been practicing their Longboarding skills for a little more than 4 years. Ever since they met the city longboarders that wandered through their town.

    Mesa de las Tablas is categorized has one of the best spots to practice longboarding in Mexico. This year is going to be the fifth time that the IDF -International Downhill Federation- celebrates their Mexico stage in the town.

    Longboarding it’s a very new sport in Mexico but these boys are determined to go against the current, and ride the hills as fast as the wind.

    Buy a longboarding item for the price of one dollar.  You can buy a deck, a pair of trucks, a set of wheels, a pair of pucks or a full-face helmet for the price of one dollar. Donate $1 U.S. Dollar or more to become the “temporary owner” of the item. If someone else already owns it, you can “steal” it from him. A random dynamic will determine the item’s final (and real) owner. Our ambassador Patrick Switzer will announce when an item is no longer for sale and determine the winner with a random dynamic. It all depends on Patrick’s crazy imagination.

    All the funds that we recollect will be used to take these kids to the Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015.

    If you want to be involved in the project go to www.onedollaritem.org and follow them on their Instagram so you can see how can you help.

    Since the beginning, the children of Mesa de las Tablas were destined to ride their longboards with the wind.

    Skate Slate


    One Dollar Item es un proyecto sin fines de lucro, Iniciativa de Digital Invaders Escuela de Creatividad Interactiva y apoyada por Patrick Switzer, el cual tiene como objetivo llevar a competir al equipo de Venados Longboarding a  Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015 en Washington, USA.

    Venados longboarding es un equipo mexicano integrado por 4 jóvenes (Uriel, “Gera”, “Tito” y “Toro”) originarios de la comunidad rural de Mesa de las Tablas en el municipio de Arteaga, Coahuila. Con apenas 174 personas, la economía del pueblo se sustenta de la producción de manzanas en las épocas de primavera y otoño.

    mexico on dollar item, mexico one dollar item 2, longboard, longboarding, skate, mexico

    Categorizado como uno de los mejores lugares para practicar Downhill en México, Mesa de las Tablas se ha convertido, desde hace 5 años, en cede de una de las etapas del campeonato mundial de Downhill organizada por la IDF -International Donwhill Federation- en el mes de mayo.

    Es así como estos jóvenes nacieron destinados para correr. La escasez de recursos jamás ha sido un impedimento para que estos chicos adictos a la adrenalina, comenzaran a practicar longboarding. Rápidamente se han ganado un puesto en la comunidad nacional de longboard, por su talento y dedicación.

    Tras un par de años de esfuerzo y practica, han logrado posicionarse en prestigiados puestos de diferentes competencias en el interior de México (Guadalajara, Puebla, León y Veracruz).

    Durante el 16 y 26 de abril estaremos realizando la campaña del proyecto en nuestro sitio web www.onedollaritem.org subastando artículos de “Longboarding” (Tablas, llantas, guantes, trucks y cascos) por el precio de 1 dólar, cortesia de nuestros patrocinadores.
    Recuerda que cada vez que donas un dólar, te conviertes en el actual dueño del articulo de longbaord. Nuestro embajador Patrick Switzer decidirá cuando cada articulo dejara de estar a la venta, y la persona que este como actual dueño en ese momento será el ganador.
    Todo el dinero recaudado será utilizado para financiar el viaje de los chicos a la competencia de Maryhill FOS 2015.


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