• Longboard Girls Crew Poland Laura Godek’s latest edit

    Laura Godek from Longboard Girls Crew Poland skating her local spot.

    lgc poland, lgc, girl, laura godek, longboarding, girls

    Photo by Fly Pics

    poland, longboard girls crew, longboard, laura godek

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  • LGC Vancouver Weekend – July 12th


    COME ONE COME ALL! LADIES LADIES LADIES! This will be a weekend for the history books, so leave the boys at home to make their OWN SANDWICHES AND COME SKATE WITH NEW FRIENDS! Be apart of the LONGBOARD GIRLS CREW movement, meet some new skater friends, learn some new tricks, gain some confidence or maybe even bring someone along that hasn’t tried longboarding yet!

    This weekend we want to welcome every single female skater for some seawall cruisin’ and BBQ action on July 12th with a possibility of gettin’ slideways depending on how people are feeling that day. BIG SHOUT OUT TO LANDYACHTZ LONGBOARDS FOR LETTING US USE THEIR BBQ!!!

    On July 13th we will be hosting a ***SLIDE CLINIC*** for everyone looking to improve their current skills, learn some new tricks, or just feel like throwing yourself down a hill for fun! We will have some special guest appearances *FAN GIRL SCREAM* Brianne Davies and Dominique Vukorep!!!! TWO OF OUR FAVOURITE SKATERS willing to unlock their knowledge, and share their secrets that they’ have worked so hard to figure out on their own.

    ***POST-CLINIC*** So, with our newly learned tricks, next will be a SLIDE JAMMY JAM!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! Maybe we’ll have a toonie entry? or maybe even a race for those who are down to get gnarly!! (by the way, we will have a first aid kit for any booboos that are inevitable to happen)

    SO WHAT DO YOU SAY GIRLS!! DOES THIS SOUND LIKE FUN OR WHAT!!! If this is your cup of tea, share it with your girlfriends! We need your help!! I know lady shredders are far and few between, but I know in my heart they are out there. Here is hoping to see some new faces we haven’t already met yet, and cheers to the old ones to a fantastic weekend!

    -HELMET! *this is a MUST HAVE*
    -GLOVES! *also a MUST HAVE*
    -SKATEBOARD! *well duh!*
    -KNEE PADS *recommended, but optional*
    -BUS FARE *always good to have*
    -A FRIEND!! *cause we all need one*



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  • Longboard Girls Crew Israel presented Katya!

    It is awesome how this video represents perfectly what Longboard Girls Crew is all about. Thank you so much for all the love, Katya! So happy and proud of what you girls are doing! Longboard Girls Crew Israel is doing it right, check it out:

    lgc, lgc israel, longboarding,  girls, israel, katya krasner

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  • Glori Kupsch going fast in Czech Republic

    Longboard Girls Crew Austria ambassador Gloria Kupsch going fast in Czech Republic. Finally a video of this rad lady!

    We love you Glori!

    glori kupsch, pat schep, longboard, downhill, longboard girls crew, fast, Marek Štefech

    Marek Štefech Photography

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  • Pamela Lobo is having fun in Costa Rica

    Check out this video of Pamela Lobo from Longboard Girls Crew Costa Rica skating fast a local spot named ‘Berlin’. You should definitely take a look!

    lgc, longboard girls crew, longboard girls crew costa rica, costa rica, longboarding, girl

    Photo by Wadafoc Magazine

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