• Micaela Wilson – Wicked Wilson

    Longboard Girls Crew USA & OPEN rider Micaela Wilson showing everyone how it’s done. Killer!

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    Jinete Secreto photo



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  • Spanish rider Palaxa Golden by Noelia Otegui!

    Spanish rider Palaxa Golden join forces with our rider, filmmaker, photographer and contributor Noelia Otegui to shoot this rad video. Killing it ladies!

    Palaxa Golden from Noelia Otegui on Vimeo.

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    Choro Longboarding photo

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  • Last day of the ‘One Dollar Item’ Longboard Project!

    The One Dollar Item project is a non-profit initiative developed by The Digital Invaders Interactive School and supported by Patrick Switzer, Rayne Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Triple 8 Helmets, Holsom Pucks and Edge Longboard store with a clear mission: help the young athletes of the rural community of Mesa de las Tablas to compete in the “Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015”.

    mexico one dollar item 2, longboard, longboarding, skate, mexico

    With a meager population of 174, the community of Mesa de las Tablas has one of the best longboarding spots in Northern Mexico. The local crew of troublemakers Toro, Tito, Gerardo and Uriel have been practicing their Longboarding skills for a little more than 4 years. Ever since they met the city longboarders that wandered through their town.

    Mesa de las Tablas is categorized has one of the best spots to practice longboarding in Mexico. This year is going to be the fifth time that the IDF -International Downhill Federation- celebrates their Mexico stage in the town.

    Longboarding it’s a very new sport in Mexico but these boys are determined to go against the current, and ride the hills as fast as the wind.

    Buy a longboarding item for the price of one dollar.  You can buy a deck, a pair of trucks, a set of wheels, a pair of pucks or a full-face helmet for the price of one dollar. Donate $1 U.S. Dollar or more to become the “temporary owner” of the item. If someone else already owns it, you can “steal” it from him. A random dynamic will determine the item’s final (and real) owner. Our ambassador Patrick Switzer will announce when an item is no longer for sale and determine the winner with a random dynamic. It all depends on Patrick’s crazy imagination.

    All the funds that we recollect will be used to take these kids to the Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015.

    If you want to be involved in the project go to www.onedollaritem.org and follow them on their Instagram so you can see how can you help.

    Since the beginning, the children of Mesa de las Tablas were destined to ride their longboards with the wind.

    Skate Slate


    One Dollar Item es un proyecto sin fines de lucro, Iniciativa de Digital Invaders Escuela de Creatividad Interactiva y apoyada por Patrick Switzer, el cual tiene como objetivo llevar a competir al equipo de Venados Longboarding a  Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015 en Washington, USA.

    Venados longboarding es un equipo mexicano integrado por 4 jóvenes (Uriel, “Gera”, “Tito” y “Toro”) originarios de la comunidad rural de Mesa de las Tablas en el municipio de Arteaga, Coahuila. Con apenas 174 personas, la economía del pueblo se sustenta de la producción de manzanas en las épocas de primavera y otoño.

    mexico on dollar item, mexico one dollar item 2, longboard, longboarding, skate, mexico

    Categorizado como uno de los mejores lugares para practicar Downhill en México, Mesa de las Tablas se ha convertido, desde hace 5 años, en cede de una de las etapas del campeonato mundial de Downhill organizada por la IDF -International Donwhill Federation- en el mes de mayo.

    Es así como estos jóvenes nacieron destinados para correr. La escasez de recursos jamás ha sido un impedimento para que estos chicos adictos a la adrenalina, comenzaran a practicar longboarding. Rápidamente se han ganado un puesto en la comunidad nacional de longboard, por su talento y dedicación.

    Tras un par de años de esfuerzo y practica, han logrado posicionarse en prestigiados puestos de diferentes competencias en el interior de México (Guadalajara, Puebla, León y Veracruz).

    Durante el 16 y 26 de abril estaremos realizando la campaña del proyecto en nuestro sitio web www.onedollaritem.org subastando artículos de “Longboarding” (Tablas, llantas, guantes, trucks y cascos) por el precio de 1 dólar, cortesia de nuestros patrocinadores.
    Recuerda que cada vez que donas un dólar, te conviertes en el actual dueño del articulo de longbaord. Nuestro embajador Patrick Switzer decidirá cuando cada articulo dejara de estar a la venta, y la persona que este como actual dueño en ese momento será el ganador.
    Todo el dinero recaudado será utilizado para financiar el viaje de los chicos a la competencia de Maryhill FOS 2015.


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  • Amanda Powell – Our Movement

    Recently I saw an ad campaign for a feminine hygiene product about the phrase, “Like A Girl”. Males and females of all ages were asked to demonstrate what it means to do something like a girl. The adults of both genders and the young boys acted out activities like a girl with daintiness, timidity, and lack of skill. The young girls, however, demonstrated any activity like a girl with the utmost power and confidence. What does that say? I believe it reveals that we still have a lot of work cut out for us to change the world’s perception of females, but we are well on our way. The fact that many young, feisty girls have the ability to see themselves as equals to males is outstanding and inspiring. We must do everything we can to keep this trend growing.

    amanda powell, longboard girls crew, longboarding, skate, girl, women, rad women, strong women, women supporting women, gender equality, feminism, cool

    Mark Nisbet photo

    Obviously, women have come incredibly far in the past few decades – can you believe that there was a time not long ago when we were not allowed to vote? When the only role we were allowed to pursue was to be a housewife; cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family? When physical activities, education, and leadership were not an option for us? Clearly we have come leaps and bounds since that time, but I believe that there are still so many issues deeply rooted in society that we need to realize, address, and take a stand against. Ride on, my sisters. We are in the middle of a movement.

    Every female that I see on a skateboard brings so much joy to my heart. To me, it doesn’t matter if these girls are just learning to push, or if they are totally ripping. I’m simply stoked that these ladies found the courage inside of themselves to break through the ridiculous wall of gender roles that still exists everywhere today. So much of the population is still under the impression that skateboarding is “too physical” and “too dangerous” for females. What!? They want us to keep our “fragile” bodies unscathed to fit into their ludicrous idea of what a beautiful woman is. Girls, I encourage you to use your body in every way you can! Wear your scars with pride! Do it for yourself, for your own well-being, and for our future. We all have the power within ourselves to stand up against what society wants us to be. We’re putting up a hell of a fight, and we have to persist.

    amanda powell, longboard girls crew, longboarding, skate, girl, women, rad women, strong women, women supporting women, gender equality, feminism, cool

    Mark Nisbet photo

    Sexism is everywhere, and “sex sells” couldn’t be a more bogus statement. For every ounce of progression women have made towards equality, advertisement agencies are negating with their sexist campaigns. What bothers me the most are the Photoshopped images of unattainable female bodies and sports ads that portray women as only ornaments to the male athletes. I’m sure like many of you, this is the type of media I grew up with, and have watched drastically increase over time. This type of imagery has been ingrained in my mind like brainwash. The enormous pressure to be pretty, thin, petite, delicate, and unblemished – to be desirable to men – stems an endless slew of very unhealthy issues. We must unlearn what we have been taught.

    People will call us crazy feminists for this. They will continue to tell us to get back in the kitchen. They will mock our athleticism. The truth is that they are scared that we are waking up and realizing our power. We are not just cute decorations, we are not pieces of meat to be gawked or hollered at, we are not here to cater to the men. We are equal in every way and we don’t deserve the mental torture of this ongoing sexism. Gals are ripping harder than ever, on boards and in life. If you don’t have something nice to say about that, keep your mouth shut. Seriously. The choices women make, whether it’s what we wear, how we act, or what activities we participate in, don’t warrant a peep of negative feedback. We are stronger than ever for being brave enough to stand tall against all odds and pursue whatever we damn well please. So ladies, let us be this change that we want and need to see in the world. I’m extremely proud of everyone associated with Longboard Girls Crew – our badassery is history in the making. Let’s grow the ovaries (not balls) to continue to destroy the irrational role that is expected of us!

    Amanda Powell

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 5.03.37 PM








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  • Introducing LGC The Netherlands rider Nadya Doerga!

    Happy to introduce you to this fourteen year old LGC The Netherlands rider Nadya Doerga! She’s only been skating for a year and already kills it. Film & edit by rider Kim Ofnietdan. Enjoy!

    Nadya Doerga, The netherlands, longboard girls crew, longboarding, skate, dance, cool, girl, summer, sun, style



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