• Become a Citizen of Skateistan! The impact you have by donating USD10

    Always wondering how you can help and make a real impact in the lives of the ones who are in a tough situation? This is it. Here’s how you can make a difference and contribute in a movement that is changing the lives of thousands of girls and boys in Afghanistan, South Africa and Cambodia through skateboarding. Become a Citizen of Skateistan!

    Before we start, if you still don’t know what Skateistan is we suggest you click HERE. Watch the video and find out how through skateboarding they have built one of the biggest movements to help kids in need and provide them with education, self-esteem and of course, skateboard fun.

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  • New Board review by BTFL Boards!

    New board review by BTFL Longboards! This time the dancers and freestylers Debby & Goldy.

    BTFL is a brand of boards designed in Germany by some of the best female riders in Europe, shape & graphic, having women’s needs in minds. Check them out!

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    The Debby in the use!

    Debby, BTFL boards, longboard girls crew




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  • Support LGC US’ transgender rider Calleigh skate across America!

    Meet LGC USA rider Calleigh! We just run into her story and are committed to help her achieve her goal.

    Calleigh was born a man and in the past two years has transitioned to her true self as a woman. Her path has been extremely hard as she explains in the video bellow and skateboarding has been a key element to survive the whole process. Now, she has set herself the goal of crossing America on her skateboard… As she says “it’s an investment in procuring the future I’ve been aiming for”.

    Watch the video to understand where she’s coming from and how hard it has been -and still is- for transgender people to build a balanced, fulfilled life and how skateboarding is helping in the process.

    Calleigh, we’re so much with you!

    Please check out her GO FUND ME CAMPAIGN and support if you can. Sharing her story helps as well!

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  • Longboard Girls in the new RHCP video

    We’re beyond stoked on this one. Seeing your friends and shred sisters star in the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers video is next level stoke. Watch Amanda Powell, Amanda (Panda) Caloia & Carmen Sutra rip under Olivia Wilde’s Direction. Yes, that Olivia Wilde.

    Is everybody as stoked as we are on where is female longboarding and the exposure we’re getting? More to come. Keep supporting your girl gang!

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  • Valeria Kechichian’s interview for TEDx Madrid 2016

    The lady behind Longboard Girls Crew Valeria Kechichian was the first longboarder to ever give a TEDx Talk last year during Madrid’s TEDx event organised by IE. The subject was Shaking up the Order and her Talk ‘We Ride The Shift‘ on society, women and why we do what we do here through LGC received amazing feedback from all around the world. This year she was invited by the organisation team to do an interview to use as a promotional video for this year’s TEDx event themed Why Not? We think it feats perfectly with our values.

    Check Valeria out explaining what the concept Why Not? means to her and how she believes fear holds us back from achieving our true potential, how society works following rules that someone else created for us and what we achieve when we break free from them.

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