• Open premiere in JAPAN February 17!

    Seriously, how awesome is this? Our LGC Japan ambassador Ayumi Oride is hosting the Japanese premiere with the incalculable help of Loaded Boards, Orangatang Wheels & Paris Trucks.


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    There will be two screenings on the same day: first one at 4pm at the ”Interstyle February 2015″ Pacifico Yokohama Hall D, Presentation room D12 and the entrance is free.
    The second screening AND party and the ”Antenna America” ( www.antenna-america.com). Door opens at 7pm and the movie starts 8pm. The entrance fee is 1500yen with one drink & snacks.

    For more info check www.interstyle.jp or the Longboard Girls Crew Japan Facebook fan page.

    So much yes on this. See you there!


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  • “OPEN – lgc skates Israel” Short video

    ENGLISH (Español abajo)

    It’s time! The OPEN short video with extracts from the full movie released online!

    As many of you know, OPEN (the full movie) won’t be available online for some time as it’s being part of different Film Festivals and distributed globally. Our Indiegogo supporters were able to enjoy the full movie last week as part of their reward for supporting our crowd-funding campaign and some TV channels around the world will start to showcase it very soon.

    This short video is made out of extracts from the full movie, they are not related or linked and it’s not a movie summary, they are just different parts of the film put together in a video so that you have a glimpse of the final edit. We really hope you enjoy it but mostly, we hope you can catch a screening of the full movie near you! Stay tuned as we’re constantly announcing the premieres around the world. Last week was Germany’s turn and in some weeks California, Panama & Japan are happening.


    OPEN – lgc skates Israel · short video from Longboard Girls Crew on Vimeo.

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  • Skateistan: The Impact on Afghan Girls

    Not only we’ve featured Skateistan plenty of times and support them as much as we can but we’ve also hosted the Spanish screenings of their movie Skateistan, Four wheels and a board in Kabul in Madrid & Barcelona. Skateistan is such an amazing project and it has been changing the lives of Afghan people since 2009.

    Ride Channel just released a new video portraying the impact of Skateistan on Afghan girls. This is beautiful:

    Thanks to Skateistan, skateboarding is now the largest sport for females in the country. Seriously, how amazing is that? Talking about impossibles… Go and make it count!

    skateistan, longboard girls crew, skate, longboard, longboarding, girls, afghanistan, afghan girls, friends, change, woman power

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  • Israel & German OPEN premieres! January 16 & 17

    As you may already know, the Israeli and German premieres of our new movie ‘OPEN – lgc skates Israel‘ directed by Daniel Etura are happening this week!

    On Friday 16th our Dasilva Boards brothers are hosting the premiere in Ramat ha sharon at the Kochav theatre. For all info on the event go here goo.gl/yJwMpe. To get tickets please go here goo.gl/KBGc5e. Ben, Alon, Tom and Ido will be there hosting a movie that could not have happened without them. We love you brothers, it’s gonna be epic!

    longboard girls crew, israel, open, lgc skates israel, longboarding, girls, skate, movie, premiere, dasilva


    In other news, if you’re near Germany our close supporter and OPEN sponsor Concrete Wave Skateshop Cologne is hosting the German premiere on Saturday 17th at 7.30pm in the Filmforum im Museum Ludwig in Cologne. For event info & tickets please click here. OPEN rider and Longboard Girls Crew Managing Director Valeria Kechichian is going along with many other European Longboard Girls. Hope to see you all there!

    longboard girls crew, open, lgc skates israel, germany, cologne, concrete wave skateshop, israel, amanda powell, valeria kechichian, skate, lgc, girl power


    Big thanks to Dasilva Boards and Concrete Wave Skateshop Cologne for the love and support before, during and after the making of this movie. You both know we couldn’t have done it without you!


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  • 2014 IDF Women World Champions

    Never in the history of Women Downhill Skateboarding we had had a season with so many women racing and doing it as fast.

    catalina island classic, race, longboard girls crew, longboarding, marisa nuñez, emily pross, fast

    Marisa Nuñez leading Emily Pross during the Catalina Island Classic in the States. Khaleeq Alfred shot.

    These are the 2014 IDF  Women’s Top 10 Results:

    1. Elena Corrigall (CAN)
    2. Marie Bougourd (FRA)
    3. Tamara Prader (SWI)
    4. Georgia Bontorin (BRA)
    5. Emily Pross (USA)
    6. Magaly McWhinnie (PER)
    7. Chela Giraldo (COL)
    8. Melissa Brogni (BRA)
    9. Myrjam Weißschuh (GER)
    10. Cassandra Duchesne (CAN)

    Check all the 87 positions here

    Congratulations to all these outstanding women for the achievements during this season and to all the ladies doing the same thing without racing, because they choose not to or because they can’t afford paying the trips and entries.

    Shout out to all the companies that supported their female athletes this year.

    More women racing means more exposure and more exposure means bigger chances to attract future female riders

    So here’s to all those ladies and companies that keep pushing the boundaries, rising the standard and paving the way for future generations. Let’s keep working together! x

    andrei gorokhov, longboard girls crew, kosakov, race, downhill, women, girl, longboard, skate

    The girls waiting for their turn during the Kosakov Challenge in Czech Republic. Andrei Gorokhov photo.

    catalina island, longboarding, girls, lgc, longboard girls crew, elena corrigal

    2014 Women World Champion Elena Corrigall. Khaleeq Alfred snap.

    Cgsa Downhill

    Spoky absolutely killed the season and finished second in the world ranking. Cgsa Downhill photo.

    tamara prader, longboard girls crew, kosakov, race, fast, longboarding, skate, downhill

    Tamara Prader finished third in the world championship. We love her! Jirka Livora photo.

    longboard girls crew, georgia bontorin, longboarding, downhill, fast

    Brazilian rider Georgia Bontorin is fourth. Shot by Isaac Cogdill.


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