• OrganiCup – Join the revolution!

    For us, it was never *only* about skateboarding. It was always about love, camaraderie between women, empowerment to achieve our true potential, inspiration as a tool for change… We made sure that most brands we have partnered up with these past years were on the same page we were and wanted to promote the same values we’ve been promoting since our beginning.

    As we evolve we have witness and also been a drive to a changing Industry, always pushing the female movement forward. With the creation of our new non-profit association LONGBOARD WOMEN UNITED we’re working more and more getting involved in women’s issues all over the world and witnessing how something as our periods can cause great discomfort, shame, discrimination and even exclusion for girls and women in their communities.




    It is with great joy that we announce the partnership with OrganiCup, a menstrual cup brand based in Denmark that besides selling cups worldwide they are working on normalizing menstruations, donating cups to girls and projects in developing countries and providing education.
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