About us

Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) is an international longboard community created in the summer of 2010 by a group of female skaters living in Madrid.

Tired of being the only girls in mostly boy’s crews, we decided to get together and create a group in Facebook to meet, hang and skate with each other. We realized the energy around was different when the riders were only girls. Our mission was to get together and place female longboarding on the map.

Some years later, we have grown up to be one of the biggest longboard movements worldwide, acknowledged in more than 180 countries. We have more than 150K fans on Facebook, over 8 million views in our 7 videos, ambassadors in more than 40 countries and a worldwide platform that supports and spreads female longboarding. Amazing things have happened to this sport and to us during these years… but the most important of all is having encouraged thousand of women to grab a board and start longboarding.

We’re being witness of a real change in gender labelling in our sport. It’s so rewarding just to think that maybe we had something to do with that and that we’re still working to make a difference. Talented female skaters have been practicing and competing at a professional level since the 1960’s, and yet the sport continued to be plagued by the usual gender stereotypes; people were surprised to see girl skaters, and even girls themselves had been put off by skating. But all that is changing now. Together we have built something big, something that has changed female longboarding and the way people see it worldwide.

Longboard Girls Crew is foremost a community, any girl that skates or anyone who supports female longboarding is Longboard Girls Crew, so thanks for being an important part of all this!