• 10 reasons why Gay Pride matters

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    Lacey Baker by Sam McGuire


    1. Until there are no countries where homosexuality is considered ilegal, sometimes punished even with death penalty.

    2. Until there are no countries were gay or trans marriage is forbidden.

    3. Until there are no insults or aggressions in the street for holding hands or kissing with someone from your same sex or trans.

    4. Until no parent kick their children off the house for being gay or trans.

    5. Until there are no complains for sharing bathrooms or locker rooms with gay or trans people.

    6. Until homosexuality stops ranking hate crimes lists.

    7. Until words like gay, lesbian, fag, faggot or trans are no longer being used as an insult.

    8. Until there are no more radical, organized groups targeting their hunts against gay and trans people to hurt, torture and/or murder them.

    9. Until books on how to cure homosexuality stop being published.

    10. Until trans people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

    Until then, we’ll keep fighting.

    LGBT pride is every day. Defend the ones who can’t or are voiceless due to fear. Defend trans people. Be kind and watch your words. Every time we use “gay” as an insult, we all lose.


    1. Hasta que no haya países donde ser homosexual sea ilegal, castigado incluso con penas de muerte.

    2. Hasta que no haya países donde sea ilegal contraer matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo o trans.

    3. Hasta que no haya insultos o agresiones en la calle por pasear o besarte con personas del mismo sexo o trans.

    4. Hasta que ninguna madre o padre eche de casa a su hij@ por ser homosexual o trans.

    5. Hasta que no haya quejas por compartir baños o el vestuario del gimnasio con gente gay o trans.

    6. Hasta que la homosexualidad deje de encabezar delitos de odio.

    7. Hasta que se dejen de utilizar las palabras gay, maricon, bollera o transexual como insulto.

    8. Hasta que no existan grupos radicales y organizados dedicados a cazar homosexuales y personas trans, agredirlos, torturalos, y/o asesinarlos.

    9. Hasta que no existan libros ni terapias para curar la homosexualidad.

    10. Hasta que una persona trans tenga las mismas oportunidades que el resto.

    Hasta entonces, seguiremos luchando.

    El orgullo LGTB es diario. Defended a quienes no tienen voz o tienen miedo de utilizarla. Defended a la gente trans. Sed amables y cuidad las palabras. Cada vez que se utiliza “maricon” como insulto, perdemos todos.



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