• LGC Peru, Argentina, Colombia & Chile in one run – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

    LGC Peru, Colombia, Chile & Argentina riding together! Peruvian riders Valeria Sedano, Graciela Perez & Daniela Lazo with Argentinean rider Vanina Cagnoli, Chilean Josefa Porter and Colombian Jenny Gil sharing runs in Quilmaná. The Cramps and their classic ‘Bikini Girls With Machine Guns’ is just perfect. YEAH Girls!

    Vanni Kosmika, Josefa Porter Ekdahl, Valeria Sedano, Giorginna Ivanov, Shelly Aguilar, Jenni Gil and Graciela Perez Caceres, longboard girls crew, longboarding, skate, downhill skateboarding, strong women, rad, women power, women supporting women, cool, friends, friendship, leathers

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