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  • Cindy & Jenna in Australia – Wanderlost

    Our girls LGC USA Ambassador Cindy Zhou and LGC Australia Ambassador Jenna Russo spent two weeks road tripping through Australia with Monty, Jenna’s caravan. They skated, surfed, danced to Justin Bieber (we know), explored and [&hellip

  • Australia’s OPEN premiere July 31st!

    We are stoked to announce Australia’s Theatre Premiere of OPEN, a Film by Daniel Etura, is happening July 31st at Rivoli Cinemas, Melbourne! ‘OPEN is the name and concept of the new Longboard Girls Crew [&hellip

  • LGC USA Rachel Bagels in Straya, Australia!

    Our girl, contributor & LGC USA ambassador Rachel Bagels did a short edit of her skating sessions in Straya. She doesn’t stop. Ever. Go Rach! Bagels in Straya from Rachel Bagels on Vimeo

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