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  • IDF’s Keep It High in Philippines WQS results!

    IDF‘s Keep It High WQS is a wrap. Even though many of us are still in grieve due to the tragic event that happened during Philippine’s VLT where riders Lorraine & Nikki were senselessly murdered, IDF‘s [&hellip

  • New speed World record: 143.89 Km/h!

    In case you haven’t heard the news, Kyle Wester broke the Speed World Record on a skateboard by reaching 143.89 Km/h (89.41mph). The previous record was held at 130.63 Km/h (81.17mph). Check the epic footage! Funny [&hellip

  • Rachel Bagels & Lyde Begue – Verdicchio runs!

    We have double dose of LGC USA ambassador Rachel Bagels who was traveling around Europe until some days ago. A raw run in IDF’s Verdicchio shot by the extraordinary Mikel Echegaray and a run with [&hellip

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