• Texas Ladies Skate Weekend

    Six girls from all over Texas and their friend Ted met up together in Austin for the first but not last Texas Ladies Skate Weekend. Here’s a fun little edit of what went down.

    The riders are Bryanne Danger Harris, Hannah Matetzschk, Marissa Garcia, Kris Haro, Eleanor Kelley, Andrea Scheck & Ted Skiles. We can’t wait to see more x

    longboard girls crew, longboard, skate, use, texas, skate trip, eleanor kelley

    Eleanor Kelley!

    longboard girls crew, longboard, girl, skate, texas, usa, slide, skate trip, Hannah Matetzschk

    Hannah Matetzschk!

    Bryanne Danger Harris, longboard girls crew

    Bryanne Danger Harris. Don K snap.

    Marissa Garcia, longboard girls crew, longboard

    Marissa Garcia!

    longboard girls crew, andrea Scheck

    Andrea Scheck

    longboard girls crew, kris haro

    Kris Haro! Erick Barrandey photo.

    Ted, Erick Barrandey, longboard

    And of course their friend Ted. Erick Barrandey photo.



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