• Not Just a Longboard Contest

    Not Just a Longboard Contest

    London 5TH – 6TH July 2014.

    With “Not just a longboard Contest” we hope to create an opportunity for everyone to participate no matter the skill, level or gender. For a long time events have been mostly created for pro skaters and we want to change that. We want every single person who likes longboarding to be able to compete in events.

    In addition to this, we have observed that in the UK, downhill and slalom modalities have been very well covered in different events but dancing and freestyle longboarding have been forgotten. Through this event we want to encourage skaters from different modalities and levels to watch, learn, participate and join the longboard family. We want to show that longboard dancing and freestyle is achievable for absolutely everyone.

    So the basic concept of “Not Just a Longboard Contest” is to create and event where longboard dancing and freestyle are finally given a space in the UK, as well as inviting every longboard skater to join in.

    We also want to give something back to the community so any money we make out of the ruffles happening during this event, will go to “Longboarding for Little Hearts” that supports skating events to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Heart Federation.

    During the weekend, “Not just a Longboard Contest” will host a time for practising, contests for different levels and games for all the skaters. It is not only about the competition but about having loads of fun and meet the longboard community.

    Come along for a great weekend full of surprises, skating and boundless fun with skaters from all around Europe.

    For more info click HERE or write to: notjustlongboardcontest@gmail.com

    Cristina Padovano

    Cristina Padovano



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