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  • Glori Kupsch & Nico Nüehrig: Autumn lines

    LGC Austria ambassador & rider Glori Kupsch teamed-up with friend & amazing rider Nico Nüehrig for some runs. YES to this and to girls/boys runs. So proud of you both! Autumn lines from nico nuehrig on [&hellip

  • Alicia Fillback’s new video

    How rad can you be? Ask Alicia Fillback. Another Jack Boston killer edit. Arbor Skateboards :: Alicia Fillback from Arbor Collective on Vimeo

  • “OPEN – lgc skates Israel” Short video

    ENGLISH (Español abajo) It’s time! The OPEN short video with extracts from the full movie released online! As many of you know, OPEN (the full movie) won’t be available online for some time as it’s [&hellip

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    GENIA! Es mi idola

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