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  • Esther & Marte in Italy – Pavia Skate Paradise

    Yes yes yes! Two of our favourites together. LGC Germany‘s (though citizen of the world would be more accurate) Esther Suave and LGC Netherland‘s Marte Bosma made a stop in Pavia and Milan during their [&hellip

  • LGC Korea – Kaila Dasol Jung

    Mini-clip coming from LGC Korea! This time Kaila Dasol Jung ripping a local slope. The girls are getting some serious level. Stoked on you Kaila, keep ripping! Miniclips_Dasol Jung from FRESHBOX FILM on Vimeo.   [&hellip

  • LGC Russia’s Kate Voynova – Autumn Longboarding

    We all know that our LGC Russian Ambassador Kate Voynova is a beast. What we didn’t know is that her boyfriend Timur shreds too. Check out their new video together sharing stoke, tricks & yes, some [&hellip

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