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  • Rotsalc Girls skating Alicante

    Jou Janesburgo, Ana Silvestre and Pau Vilés went out for fun and skated some local spots in Alicante. The female scene in Alicante is growing slowly but surely and we’re stoked on these ladies progress. [&hellip

  • The adventures of Grace & Rachel – Roadtripping through US’s west coast

    Join LGC US Ambassador Rachel Bagels and New Zealand‘s Grace Wong on their adventure across the west coast of North America. They are skating, exploring, eating, visiting national parks, camping, hiking, and much more. Check out their first video! Follow [&hellip

  • LGC France’s Lyde Begue on fire

    FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Today is International Women’s Day and although we celebrate us every day, our LGC French Ambassador Lyde Begue brings us this clip of her, simply being a WOMAN. Shot during Czech’s Kozakov [&hellip

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