• Top 5 videos of the week! 28th April


    Hey buddies! How are you? I came back yesterday from Madrid with some cool videos. Hope you like them!

    First a quik clip with one of my favourites Frenchies from Nantes, Tahina, learning how to go fast in her local spot.. keep going Tata! Another frenchie clip from Denmark with Mary Sweet and Maria Lima, a ripper girls crew from Lakeland in Florida, Blin’s ‘welcome to the Bastl team’ clip and Andrea Wilshusen’s snake runs in Barcelona. Smells like summer!

    Local spot learning session

    Local spot learning session from Tahina Miault on Vimeo.

    Freaks’n Friends

    Ladies In Lakeland

    Welcome to the team Blin!

    Andrea Wilshusen snakeruns

    skate, skater girls

    Laura Fong-Yee in the Ladies in Lakeland vid

    Hope you liked them. I’m back next Monday with more! ♥

    Raisa Abal

    Raisa Abal

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