• Top 5 videos of the week! March 3


    Monday again! This week I’m posting the introduction video of my friend Laura Amorós to the In-Gravity downhill Team, an amazing promo video of San Francisco’s photobook that Comet Skateboards did with the photographer Bryce Kanights, another Freaks video with Mary Sweet and Maria Lima skating everything they find, ‘Agrykola’ the latest video of Laurent Perigault and Alexandra Kubiak-Ho Chi and Leticia Bufoni’s Crail Trucks tour. Hope you enjoy!

    In-Gravity Shop presents: Laura Amorós

    San Francisco: Shred City

    Freaks return…!

    Loaded Boards: Agrykola. Alex Kubiak Ho-Chi & Laurent Perigault

    Crail trucks tour with Leticia Bufoni: part 1

    You can see the second part here


    And this is all for today, I’ll come back Monday 10th!

    It rains, but there’s an indoor next to my town, yeeeeeew!


    Raisa Abal

    Raisa Abal


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