• Clarafosca Illustration: Skate & Art


    Clara Clarafosca is an illustrator based in Barcelona who is highly motivated and passionate about art in general. She also happens to be an amazing rider. She’s been off the roads for a while now due to a heavy injury but she expresses her love for the sport through her art.

    marta guillen

    Clara skating Barcelona. Marta Guillén photo.

    Clara did an amazing set of illustrations called “Enjoy the ride, ladies!” which was an iniciative to support the female longboard scene featuring her friends from Barcelona.








    In her own words: “I have a Fine Art background that led me into wall painting and illustration for many years and some time ago I got interested in Lettering, which I like to mix with my illustrations. I have learned a lot out from this experience as I am also very dedicated to my work. This experience has provided me with strong artistic and technical skills to become responsible and very creative”.

    clarafosca, graffitti

    At work

    at dinamo estudio

    At Dinamo Studio where she works


    Follow her work Behance and Flickr and check out her CV. We love girls with many talents!


    Clara Clarafosca


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