• André Kniepkamp: the face behind ‘Faces of Longboarding’

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    Chances are high that you met André during a longboard event in Europe, sneaking at people, having a small chat, taking photos and smiling.

    André Kniepkamp is a self-tought photographer based in Cologne, Germany. As a contrast to his 9-5-job as a motiondesigner and illustrator he started taking pictures of the longboard scene around his hometown. The project Faces of Longboarding was born and quickly grew as he started travelling from mountains to molehills, seeing new faces, meeting old friends and taking photos with one of his vintage analog cameras. André was never interested in shiny, well polished action-shots, he prefers to take portraits in a natural, calm way. He takes his time, never uses any flashes, just the skater, the availlable light and a camera, often loaded with some super-grainy black and white film.


    Amanda Powell- USA


    Peter – The Netherlands


    Deborah Keser – Germany


    Luutse Jochem Brouwer – The Netherlands


    Brian S. Peck – USA

    After two years of collecting pictures on his blog www.facesoflongboarding.tumblr.com he wants to return some of the love he received during his project and print a photobook with a best-of all the portraits he took so far. It‘s going to be a hardcover book with 120 pages containing over 150 photos. A book for the scene, a close look at people who really love that lifestyle, who travel from one end of europe to the other with no money, no sponsor, but tons of love and dedication.


    Janine La Franca – Germany


    Kody Noble – USA


    Marte & Femke Boska – The Netherlands


    Felix Langenfeld – Germany

    To make his dream a reality, André just launched a crowd-funding campaign. Click on the link to check it out http://igg.me/at/facesoflongboarding and be part of it by preordering a book, getting any perk, liking his Facebook fan page and spreading the word on your social networks!


    Melanie Golz – Germany


    Alberto Alepuz – Spain


    Simon Arsenidis – Germany


    Kristina Prasice – Slovakia


    Niklas Konstanz – Germany




    Valeria Kechichian – Argentina


    Janine’s helmet


    Frank – Germany

    This project is absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to have the book in our hands. You shouldn’t either. Click on the link and get it now. Support your scene supporters!


    André, the master & his camera. Maria Arndt photo.


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