• 2014 Europe & North America events + 2013 favorite photos

    Alicia Fillback, Amanda Powell, Katie Neilson

    These are the 2014 European & North America events. Are you ready?!



    Amazing job gathering all the info Lee Cation for America & Berry Plasman Freerides.org for Europe! Check out some of our favorite photos from last years’ races. Can’t wait for race season to start!

    Katie Neilson, Amanda Powell, longboard girls crew

    Katie Neilson & Amanda Powell during Maryhill Festival of Speed. Jon Huey photo.

    spoky woky, longboard girls crew

    Marie Bougourd aka Spoky Woky in Peyragudes. Alex Kubiak Ho-Chi photo.

    marisa nuñez, tamara prader, longboard girls crew

    Marisa Nuñez & Tamara Prader. Alysha Frizzell Photo

    Montse Solé, longboard girls crew

    Montse Solé during La Muela Freeride in Spain. Pic Goat Longboards.

    longboard girls crew

    Pack runs in Maryhill. Marcus Bandy photo.

    Glori Peryagudes Dmitri Elson Photographies

    Glori Fiziert during Peyragudes Never Dies in France. Dmitri Elson Photo.

    Longboard Barbie

    Kelsey Skrobotz aka Longboard Barbie. Carl Warren photo.

    longboard girls crew, maryhill


    Keyla Dennise, longboard girls crew

    Keyla Dennise during Catalina Island Classic. Rad Train photo.


    Anna O’Neill during Jake’s Road Rash. Alysha Frizell shot.


    Maga McWhinnie during Almabtrieb. Physco Photography shot.

    longboard girls crew, argentina

    Erica Avellaneda, Manuela Bayugar, Agus Chinaski & Mailén Córdoba racing in Argentina.

    molokai production

    Elena Corrigall & Georgia Bontorin during Morro Solar in Perú. Molokai Production photo.

    longboard girls crew, cristina mandarina

    Cristina Sánchez aka Cristina Mandarina during the Salzadella Freeride in Spain. Noelia Otegui photo.


    Elena Corrigall killed it during the season. 2013 IDF Champion! Alysha Frizzell photo.

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