• Dance+Carve Workshop by LGC Israel

    Longboard Girls Crew Israel

    Put on your dancing shoes and boogie with us

    One day workshop for Dancing and Carving by LGC Israel!


    Learn how to curve with confidence and style.
    Get the basic dance steps and most important meet more girls like you, with the passion for longboarding!

    Everybody are welcome, girls, boys, young and old !
    From everywhere and every age!

    Friday – 8/11/13 – at 15:00
    Meeting point at Park Midron Jaffa
    Where the learning begins!

    If you have a longboard, excellent!
    If not you still should come, we’ll share!

    Just come and enjoy the ride!!

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  1. 05/11/2013 at 12:25 am

    Cool idea. Definitely have to look out for something like that in Australia. I’ve been wanting to make a dancer longboard for a while now.

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