• Downhill Disco Dames 2013


    MuirScott, Bandyman, and Dubes did the scene a favor this year and created a tri-fecta of season-starting Southern California skate events.   Starting on the last weekend in March with the San Pedro Shred, a “festival of skate” designed to bring the street skating and downhill community to the top of one fully-sanctioned hill equipped with a mini street park, a stage, food, swag, and separate amateur and  pro hills to thrash.  Jesse Martinez and Daewon Song showed up this year.  No Big Deal.  Two weeks later was The Disco, known for it’s sponsor-built  ramps and course features, and Cinco de Mayo is the Catalina Island Classic, which is, ya know.. ON AN ISLAND.  Enough said.

    Muirskate’s Downhill Disco has been put on for the past 4 years, getting bigger and badder each time.   This year, it was a 3-day extravaganza including a shop party at the warehouse (complete with a not-so-mini ramp), and two days on the hill:  a freeride day and race day.  I had decided the week prior to The Disco that I would be moving to Northern California the day after the Disco to chase some white water rafting dreams, and I had lots of ducks to get in a row that Sunday before taking the trek (read: my car wouldn’t start), so I only attended Saturday.

    If you’re looking for a good excuse to come to California, SoCal is popping real hard for about 5 weeks in the spring.  Tons of dudes and all these skateboarding ladies already know.

    All photos by David Ruano of Portraits on the Street.

    Muirskate Downhill Disco Warehouse Party Muirskate Downhill Disco Warehouse Party




    The season is here.  Skate everything.

    California is killing it.

    Coverage of the Catalina Island Classic Chicks coming soon.






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