• Longboard Girls Meet during Greenskate Cologne!

    Greenskate Cologne

    Greenskate, one of the biggest longboard events worldwide is happening this weekend, among other cities, in Cologne, Germany. Greenskate has been promoting longboarding as an effective form of environmentally friendly transportation and recreation since 2007. It was founded in Calgary Canada amongst a handful of friends. Since then they’ve seen it grow to over 63 cities in 5 continents. 

    Concrete Wave Skate Shop Cologne is organizing the Greenskate 2013 in their city and will take place on April the 20th at the well known Rheinpark in Cologne. Meeting is at 4 p.m. in the Rheinpark and the idea is to cruise together trough the city.

    But before that, we’re doing a Girls Meet as there will be so many girls from different German cities coming to Cologne for the event! We’re meeting at 2 p.m. in Rheinpark and will have workshops, games, awards and loads of fun.


    LGC Girls Meet GreenSkate Cologne


    Take a look at last year’s edition!

    Video by Christian Kneip

    After the cruising at 8 p.m. a movie premier from Nise will take place in the Filmforum NRW (Museum Ludwig am Dom). Take a look at the teaser:

    NISE TEASER 2013 – “much more” from NiSE on Vimeo.

    Does all this looks like fun or what? We can’t wait. See you there!

    Big thanks to Concrete Wave Skate Shop Cologne for putting this together and supporting the Girls Meet. You rock!


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