“When a tour starts with two of the riders (Andrea Benitez and Ianire Elorriaga) injured, a collaborator (Maria Barton) missing her flight and lots of other unexpected problems, you can tend to thinkg everything is going to go wrong. But luck decided to turn back to our side once we were already thinking we wouldn´t be able to go on with the tour. Thanks so much to all the spontaneous helpers , our camara team (Kevin Figueras, Olivier Arroyo/845k.com), the editor (Olivier Arroyo/845k.com) our local friends (Alexis Samper, Kevin Figueras, Daniel Monzón) , for their support and in general to everyone who has shared with us the love for skateboarding. The love we hope this video will transmit you.”



    Asiplanchaba is a female skate, surf and snowboard platform just like ours, based in Spain. Our sisters promote equality in board sports and this documentary, the 4th of the kind, is a project that aims to showcase the skate trip of 2 amazing skaters in the lovely and most skatable city of the 7 in the Canary Islans, Gran Canaria.

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    PLANCHANDO!!!!!!!!!!!! Sí señora!

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