• Gnartly: Online Art Exhibition

    Gnartly  is the name of an extremely original Online Art Exhibition that LGC Indonesia is hosting to  show  the artwork from local and international artists who have a common passion :skating.  Skaters & Longboarders, girls and boys alike are welcome to include  their works in this online exhibit where the main theme is Skating and the lifestyle that accompanies it. The artists can participate with any form of art they want which ranges from  illustration, animated GIF to video art, video documentary, music loop, customed decks, or any other type of artwork that can be shared online.

    Up till now they have received the work of Longboarding artists illustrator like Ishtar backlund from Sweden, Andrea Trigo Valencia from Spain, Austin Nitsua from Australia,  Unklejoy  from Bali, Pink VS Black  from Jakarta, Ican Harem and many more.

    Gnartly can be a place for promoting your work, so if you want to participate don’t hesitate to submit that piece that makes you proud including your full name, town,  title, date of the artwork and personal site,  tmblr, blog , etc to the attention of Chemy thechemy@yahoo.com  or indonesialongboart@yahoo.com

    Deadline before the 21st of June.


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