• Loving Longboarding

    Lovingsports is a social media platform built around sports which aims to connect people who love sports around the world regardless of their sportive level, whether they are pro or amateur.


    Through Lovingsports you can find friends who organize sportive meet ups in your home town, someone with whom you can practice your favorite sport, share training routines, records and a lot more.


    For sure longboarding is also part of Lovingsports, which has recently launched its new site with useful features such as:

    Sports Agenda: to find upcoming longboarding events near you.

    LS Training: to get fit and share your own training videos with the whole Community, which is also very useful tool to learn new tricks!

    LS Play: to browse for friends who enjoy longboarding or practice any other sports near your area. This tool also allows you to find or add new spots.

    LS Blog: get the best advice from experts about nutrition, tips, and sports interviews.

    LS Market: If you need a new board, slide gloves or helmet, this is the place where you can buy (or sell) your favorite second hand sport gear.

    Besides all the interesting features, now getting started at Lovingsports is even more attractive as they are running a special contest for the Longboarding Communities. To participate you just have to log- in at Lovingsports and add, in the Longboard Contest Group, your best longboarding photo with an original claim such as “Longboards do it better”.

    You have two weeks, starting today, to upload as many photos as you want. Next April 25th, the Lovingsports jury will select the favorite Photo+Claim and the winner will get a complete brand new Budywood Board.

    So, if you can’t take your eyes off this board, just go for it and enjoy funboarding!









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  1. 11/04/2012 at 3:45 pm

    this page seems very unready for promotion and i am not talking about that half of the page is in Spanish

    why you place them on your blog with basically no features? lets hope they are friends or pay good….

    • 07/06/2012 at 11:50 pm

      Scroll up. Look to the right.

  2. 10/05/2012 at 10:45 am

    Easy bro! No need for bad vibes!

    To me sounds great! I’ll give it a try! (lovingsports.com)

    Longboard Girls! I love you all!

    I live in Barcelona! get in touch please!

    I’m looking forward to go skating, nice photo sessions, videos, chill out, etc.

    Pis! =)

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