- OPEN - LGC Skates Israel (Short video)

  • The Barefoot Skateboarders of India: Janwaar Castle

    Yesterday we ran across this amazing video and initiative happening in Madhya Pradesh, a small village in India, where surprisingly the largest skateboarding park of the country is located: The Janwaar Castle. The purpose of the [&hellip

  • GRRRLS* Skate Fest 2016 in Bielefeld

    The girls of GRRRLS* can skate want to invite you to the GRRRLS* Skate Fest in September 2016 in Bielefeld, Germany! For three days, from friday 16th to sunday 18th, there will be action on [&hellip

  • New speed World record: 143.89 Km/h!

    In case you haven’t heard the news, Kyle Wester broke the Speed World Record on a skateboard by reaching 143.89 Km/h (89.41mph). The previous record was held at 130.63 Km/h (81.17mph). Check the epic footage! Funny [&hellip

  • LGC Germany – Lou Shelley in KNK!

    Soooo, summer events in Europe are almost a wrap! Much fun was had, friends were made and some skin was lost in European concrete. Many girls have been posting their raw runs, practise lines or [&hellip

  • LGC Italy: Exploring Rimini – Under the Clouds

    We loved this little edit from our friends in Italy and their crew The North! They took a skate trip to Rimini and skated day & night and flat & slopes. We love these videos [&hellip

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